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Finally, a platform that allows you to earn money for watching adverts.

Get up to $2 daily for watching few ads.

Watching adverts is annoying. Let's pay you to do it. Earn up to $2 for watching few videos on AdvertPay.

The Problem Users Face

The Problem Businesses Face

The AdvertPay Solution

AdvertPay for Users:

AdvertPay for Businesses:

What does it cost?

For Users: AdvertPay is free to use. Hurray!

For Businesses: Cost of putting up adverts on AdvertPay range from $200 - $100,000. Have a budget above $100,000? Shoot us a mail at:

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And hundreds more...

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Our offer is impossible to resist. Which is why we are growing at an unprecedented rate. For every 10 people who read this, a whooping 9 go on to subscribe or publish an advertisement. Isn't that great?

We can grow together. If your friends haven't heard about us yet, we offer higher rates for every user you invite to AdvertPay. It's super easy to invite people and you'll find out it's fun being the person who shares the great news about AdvertPay with others. Awesome.

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